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Home Retention Program

AAAH's Home Retention Program is supported by Portland Housing Bureau and provides homeowners in East Portland access to the following free services:

  • Tax Delinquency Support (Valid from January 1st through April 15th)

  • Up to $1,000 assistance for small emergency and safety repairs

  • Community Resource Navigation and Referral

Are you facing challenges sustaining, maintaining, or retaining your home? Review our Eligibility Guidelines and complete an Intake Form (or give us a call at 503-595-3517) to see how we can help.

Eligibility Guidelines

Disclaimer: The Home Retention and Repair Program is restricted to specific areas and zip codes within the City of Portland/Multnomah.

If you are unsure you qualify based on the location of your home, please review the Requirement #1 below or call us at 503-595-3517.

If you do not qualify for AAAH's Home Retention Program, we are happy to provide referrals to organizations that serve different areas of the City. Additionally, you may visit the Resources section on this page to learn about other similar programs you may qualify for.



1. Homeowner resides within the City of Portland and within zip codes 97216, 97220, 97230, 97233, 97236, & 97266.

Please note that address in NE/SE Portland may fall outside the Portland city limits. Review your jurisdiction at or call us at 503-595-3517.

2. Total costs for repair projects cannot not exceed $1,000 per household.

3. Total gross household income does not exceed 80% of Portland Metro Area Median Family Income.

Please refer to the table below to determine if your home falls within the Home Retention Program's income requirements.


Application Process

Disclaimer: This program is funded by Portland Housing Bureau and AAAH is required to collect incoming client data and demographics. To successfully apply for the Home Retention Program, households are asked to complete an Intake Form prior to receiving Home Retention and Repair services.

1. Intake

Complete the Home Retention Intake Form and submit to AAAH.

  • Option 1: Fill out the Online Intake Form below.

  • Option 2: Call our office at 503-595-3517 ext. 302 to complete your Intake by phone.

2023 80 AMI.jpg

2. Income Verification

Submit a copy of your Photo ID and proof of income (paystubs, SSI, SSD award letter, etc) with one of the following methods:

  • Option 1: Upload your documentation through our Secure Dropbox Link.

  • Option 2: Mail to 825 NE 20th Ave, Suite 100, Portland, OR 97232

  • Option 3: Call us at 503-595-3517 to schedule a time to come by our office and let us make a copy of your income documents for your file.

3. Follow Up

Following the review of your Application materials, a Program Manager will be in contact with you to discuss your next steps to receiving a project estimate, repair, and financial assistance.

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