Power to the People PDX

Want to learn more about our Power to the People PDX program? Visit our Power to the People PDX Details Page to stay up to date on the latest program changes and learn more about how you can start building energy efficiency in your home!

AAAH's newest program, Power to the People PDX, provides a multi-service approach to promote energy-efficiency, climate justice, and green energy adoption among our community to mitigate the threats posed by the ongoing climate emergency.

With the support of local grant programs and nonprofit organizations, Power to the People PDX provides free home energy audits and assessments and 3:1 matched-savings accounts for energy efficiency upgrades, solar panel installations, and electrical vehicle savings. Additionally, we have partnered with Solar Oregon to bring solar energy education directly to our community.

Are you interested in building climate resiliency and energy-efficiency for your home and family? Review our Eligibility Guidelines and complete a Client Intake Form to get started!

Eligibility Guidelines

Disclaimer: Power to the People PDX is supported by multiple grant funders with varying eligibility requirements. Please understand that if you fall outside of the recommendations listed below — while you may not qualify for the home energy assessment services or matched savings— you may still be eligible for other services offered within our program. Please note that participation in our Education Webinars and public engagement events do not have any eligibility requirements and we invite you to participate and learn about energy-efficiency, electric vehicles, and solar energy.



1. Program participants seeking Home Energy Audits, Assessments, and Reduced- Cost Upgrades must own and reside in a single-family detached home located within the state of Oregon.

2. Program participants seeking financial assistance for energy-related repairs, upgrades, and matched savings must reside within City of Portland jurisdiction limits.

Please note that address in NE/SE Portland may fall outside the Portland city limits. Review your jurisdiction at portlandmaps.com or call us at 503-595-3517.

3. Gross household income for program participants seeking financial assistance for energy-related repairs, upgrades, and matched savings should not exceed 80% of the Portland Area Median Family Income Level.

Please refer to the table below to see if you fall within the income threshold based on household size.

Application Process

Disclaimer: This program is supported by Portland Housing Bureau and AAAH is required to collect incoming client data and demographics. To successfully apply for the Power to the People PDX Program, households are asked to complete an Application Packet prior to receiving Home Assessment and Upgrade services.

1. Application

Complete the Power to the People PDX Intake Form and submit to AAAH.

  • Option 1: Complete the Intake Form below.

  • Option 2: Print the attached Application Packet, complete it, and email (PowertothePeople@aaah.org) or mail to 825 NE 20th Ave, Suite 225, Portland, OR 97232.

  • Option 3: Call our office at 503-595-3517 to complete your Intake by phone.


2. Income Verification

Submit proof of income from the past 30 days (paystubs, SSI, SSD award letter, etc) with one of the following methods:

  • Option 1: Upload your documentation through our Secure Dropbox Link.

  • Option 2: Email a copy of your proof of income to (PowertothePeople@aaah.org), fax (503-595-3519), or mail to 825 NE 20th Ave, Suite 225, Portland, OR 97232

  • Option 3: Come by our office at 503-595-3517 to let us make a copy of your income documents for your file.

3. Home Energy Audit

Following the submission of your Application, contact our Home Energy Auditor (503-510-1035) to schedule an in-home Energy Audit. Income-qualified homeowners will receive this service free-of-charge.

4. Follow Up

Following the review of your Application materials and Home Energy Audit reports, a Program Manager will contact you to discuss eligible home upgrades, discount incentives, financial assistance, savings programs, and other services available from Power to the People PDX.