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Estate Planning
Homeownership Asset Preservation Program (HAPP)

The Homeownership Asset Preservation Program (HAPP) is a reduced-cost estate planning service sponsored by the City of Portland Housing Bureau (PHB) for income qualified homeowners. This program aims to protect BIPOC homeownership for future generations by ensuring a homeowner's will, trust, or power of attorney is legally enforceable. AAAH has partnered with The Commons Law Center to develop estate plans and provide other legal services that help families preserve and protect their assets during unprecedented, and difficult times.

We're in this together!

If you or someone you know might be interested, attend one of our free monthly webinars to find out how to qualify for free or discounted legal services. Our webinars cover relevant topics like wills, trusts, and power of attorney as well as providing steps homeowners of all ages can take to protect their family's wealth.

Need an estate plan ASAP? Review our Eligibility Guidelines and complete a Client Intake Form to get started.

Eligibility Guidelines

  1. Homeowner must reside within the City of Portland limits*. If you are unsure about whether your home is within this area, please visit this link or call us at 503-595-3517. *If the residence falls outside of city limits, Commons Law Center has prepared a "sliding-scale" fee structure based on income level. If you have questions about the fee structure for low-income households outside of the program area, please email for more information. 

  2. Total gross household may not exceed 80% of Portland Metro Area's Median Family Income (MFI) for household size. Please refer to the table below to determine if your home falls within HAPP's income requirements.

2023 PHB 80 AMI.jpg

Application Process

1. Intake

  • Option 1: Fill out our Online Intake Form by clicking the button below

  • Option 2: Call our office at 503-595-3517 ext. 302 to complete your Intake by phone.

2. Application


Within 2-3 business days of reviewing your intake for eligibility, a program coordinator will confirm eligibility and send an application to join the program. Submit a completed app, copy of your Photo ID, and proof of income (paystubs, SSI, SSD award letter, etc) covering 30 days using one of the following methods:

                        825 NE 20th Ave, Suite 100, Portland, OR 97232

  • Option 3: Call us at 503-595-3517 to schedule a time to come by our office and let us make a copy of your income documents for your file.

We are always happy to conduct your intake over phone and mail you application materials if requested. Just call us! 503-595-3517.

3. Follow Up

Following the review of your application, a program coordinator will contact you to discuss your estate planning needs and connect you with a representative at Commons Law Center to receive your free estate planning services.

HAPP Program Brochure 2-07-2022_Page_2.png
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