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Sustainable Energy

Welcome to Power to the People PDX

Power to the People PDX is AAAH's newest program designed to bring sustainability and climate resilience to the homeowners that need it most. In response to rapid climate change, Power to the People PDX provides education, assistance, and engagement around opportunities to help homeowners build "climate resilience".

We offer services primarily to low-to-moderate income households that are seeking energy-related home improvements, solar energy, electric vehicles, and education on how to protect your home from climate change. 

Check out our program services to learn more and join us by completing an intake form today!

    Climate-Resilient Home Improvements    

The Program Process

1.    Sign up for a FREE Home Energy Audit

2.    Apply for Program Match Funding

3.    Plan & Budget your Home Projects

4.    Complete Climate Renovations

    Electric Vehicle Match Savings    

The Program Process

  1. Complete a Program Application

  2. Qualify for Match Funding & Rebates

  3. Attend an EV Educational Webinar

  4. Select and Purchase Your Car

  5. Complete Rebate and Tax Credit Applications

    Climate Education: Webinars & Workshops    


We host regular webinars that introduce concepts of climate resilience, energy efficiency, and sustainability.

Follow the link below to see more info and to register for our upcoming workshops.

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