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Day of Service 2022

Each year, AAAH teams up with ReBuilding Center and 30+ volunteers to provide on-site cleanup, repair, and restoration services for homeowners in N/NE Portland.

This year 5 project sites were selected and up to 15 additional homes will receive bulk waste removal services free of charge.

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Sign Up for Bulk Waste Pick-Up and Drop-off

Pick-Up Options

Complete an interest form to be added to the list for curbside, bulk waste pick-up. 

Saturday, June 11th 10am-3pm

Drop-Off Options

Complete the interest form to schedule a drop-off time for your bulk waste items

Monday, June 13th 10am - 2pm


Learn more about how to properly dispose your bulk waste items legally and safely. 

See our Disposal Resource List

Bulk Waste Disposal Guide

What Should I Expect?

Pick-Up Services

- Selected Homeowners will schedule their pick-up time for bulk waste prior to the June 11th and June 13th dates.

- Items should be outside and accessible to the disposal crew. If you need help bringing items outside, please contact our office prior to Saturday

- Please review the list of permitted/banned materials. Pick-up services cannot guarantee that all items reserved for disposal will be taken by our crew for various regulatory, safety, and physical reasons. 

Disposal Drop-Off 

- If you were selected to drop-off your bulk waste items, please arrive at the designated location on your voucher at the assigned time. 

- Please review the list of permitted/banned materials. We cannot guarantee that all items brought to us for disposal will be accepted  for various regulatory, safety, and physical reasons. 

What Items Can We Dispose Of?

1. Appliances (not containing freon)

2. Cardboard

3. Furniture

4. Garbage

5. Mattresses

6. Some Metals

7. Plastic

8. Wood (non-building material)

9. Yard Waste

What Items Are Not Allowed?

1. Air Conditioners/Refrigerators/Appliances that contain freon

2. Building/construction debris that may contain Asbestos

3. Concrete

4. Batteries, Hazardous waste, or other Chemicals

5. Propane Tanks, Oils, or Gasoline

6. Paint Cans with liquid paint

7. Tires

8. TVs

9. Electronics

Drop Box Safety Guidelines

1. Drop box containers cannot be placed under powerlines.

2. Only place acceptable items in the container and load it evenly.

3. Do not load materials beyond the container weight limits.

4. No liquid, toxic, flammable or hazardous materials permitted.

5. Keep children away from drop box containers.

6. Keep everyone away during delivery or pick-up.

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Disposal Resources

How to dispose of non-allowable items

This guide is designed to provide resources, instructions, and information on how to properly dispose of the items that our bulk waste event cannot accept.


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